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Honey & Ginger Family

Honey & Ginger is a family owned and run business, launched to provide the local community with a place they love to spend time, support local businesses, and try a range of incredible products. 

The family extends beyond bloodline, our suppliers are family of the brand. We try to work with local suppliers wherever possible, it's their great products that makes Honey & Ginger such a loved store and cafe. 

Our Team: Text

Have a coffee with the team

Our Team: Welcome

Anthoney Family, headed up by manager Lyn.

Shop and cafe manager

Ian (Big E) and Lyn have been married for over 30 years. They have a passion for service, food and great chatter. So please do bend their ear, whether you are talking about our coffees, cheesecakes, or gardening, dogs or boats, they will always be happy to chew the fat. 

It's a family affair, so Ian and Lyn are also supported by their good looking son Ryan (who very obviously based on that comment, created the website), and his wife Lisa; little Archie can frequently be found 'helping' out from time to time. 

Ryan and Lisa


Long term Failand residents, lovers of good food and drink, have always had the ambition to take on the old Failand store and put their own stamp on it. Ryan and Lisa have a young family and a range of business ventures and will likely be found hanging out in the cafe, or potentially lending a helping hand.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Support team; who help the store and cafe thrive.

Currently there are 13 lovely members of staff. 

We are super lucky to have such an amazing team. A mixture of family, friends, retail experts, longstanding staff. Whilst their backgrounds vary, one things consistent: they are lovely, passionate and will be ready to greet you with a smile. 

This wouldn't be a success without their energy. Whether that is spend talking to you about our latest vegan products, showing you how to use the refill milk, or making you a delicious coffee. 

Big shout outs to Julie, Mandy, Ant, Kate, Megan, Julia, Evie, Matthew, Tracey and Grace, who you will see serving with a smile on different days of the week. 

Our Team: Our Team
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