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The transformation

From boxy corner shop to beautiful farm store and cafe.  

We took over the local shop in July 2020 with big ambition to create a community hub. We love our little village and wanted to invest in helping make the village even better. When we first moved to Failand many years ago, we said we wanted to take over the shop to create a place which we are excited to shop, a place that serves good coffee and that helps support other independent businesses. 


Previous owners Nigel and Lorraine were at the heart of the village, so we wanted to build upon their hard work. It's not been the smoothest journey but we are proud of how far we have come. We knew the tired shop needed some much needed energy and a financial injection to improve the space, enhance the curb appeal and to provide a space we can collectively be proud of. 


Disaster nearly struck, after months of training with the post office, our grant funding didn't materialise and our contract offer was reduced to just 25%. We lost the post office custom, we lost part of the store for essential works, and COVID was in full flow. Some members of the local committee didn't approve plans to have seating in the cafe. But we've made it through, we've survived, just. With thanks to lots of amazing local support. 

The build and transformation wasn't the smoothest, these things never are, we hoped to launch in October, then December, but things naturally got delayed. We managed to keep the store operational, add grocery deliveries to minimise the impact of the building work and COVID, continuing to support locals and those in need of goods. 

The new and improved local store, inclusive of full renovation, new external area, increased internal footprint, building extension, cafe etc launched March 2021. 

We couldn't be prouder. It looks amazing, we have a fully compliant space that works for everyone, more shop capacity than ever before, this enables us to stock a large variety of incredible local independently produced products, whilst providing various seating areas inside and out to enjoy a hot drink, snack or meal. 

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The build is done. But we need to continue executing on our vision.

We want to cater for:

  • Local residents

  • Walkers and cyclists

  • Commuters

  • Parents locally and with kids at school in the surrounding areas 

  • Those looking to support local/independents/ethical businesses

  • Bristol and surrounding areas who would like high quality produce. 

Whether you need a morning coffee, your weekly food shop, a special occasion shop, some refillables, or a simple pit stop, we hope to provide an attractive offering for you.  ​

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Designers illustration. Aerial view.

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